How To Install Impact Windows For Your Next Home Improvement Project

home-impact-windowsInstalling impact windows in Miami should be your next home project, particularly because you reside in a place frequented by hurricanes and storms. This is solely because these windows will protect you from destruction occasioned by storms and hurricanes. However, installing storm resistant windows can be a challenging task for you, especially if you know virtually nothing regarding them and how to install them. But the good news is that you can install them devoid of any hassles provided you have the right information on how to install them. Here is a guide to help you install hurricane windows on your Miami, FL home easily.

Measure the dimensions of the openings 

Measure the dimensions of the openings where you intend to install impact resistant windows. Make sure you purchase storm windows that match the dimensions of your home’s window openings to ensure that they fit properly once they are installed.

Cut the windows’ water resistant barriers

Using a tough cutting object, cut the water barriers of the storm windows you have just purchased. After cutting the water barriers, fold their side panels such that they will appear on the exterior once the windows are installed.

Fit the impact resistant windows into place

With the help of two people, fit the hurricane windows into place. Use shims to hold them temporarily before you fix them into the window frame. This is in case the windows you are planning to install don’t have installation clips.

Nail the windows 

Nail the windows into the window frame. You can make use of screws or nails to nail them permanently into the frame. If your house is situated near a salt water body, make sure you use nails or screws which have been coated with stainless steel. Nails and screws that have been coated using stainless steel aren’t susceptible to rust occasioned by water bodies on all metallic objects.

Place a silicone caulk

At times, air may leak through the window replacements following extremely strong winds. Therefore, seal the edges of the windows you have just installed with a silicone caulk.


Cleaning Impact Windows

If you recently purchased impact resistant replacement windows for your house in Florida then it is important that you know how to care for and clean these specialized windows, not just to keep them looking good as time goes by, but it is important to note that in order for your windows and doors to work efficiently and effectively then you have to give them regular and proper maintenance, especially if you have insulating glass, Low-e glass or heat reflective glass within your impact windows.

So here are a few things that you can do to clean your impact glass properly:

  • Use a mild dish washing soap and water mixture to clean your glass.
  • Use regular plain water when it is time to rinse them off and to avoid water spots you should use some type of soft cloth to dry them.
  • If you have screens on your replacement windows or doors, then you should remove them first before starting to cleaning them, then find a clean, flat surface that you can use to wash them and just like with the glass you should use a mixture of a mild detergent with water, as well as get a soft brush to help remove any stubborn dirt or debris. Once you are done washing, just simply rinse it off with clear water, wipe them dry and install the Window Screens back onto the frame.
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