Simple Home Appliance Repair And Maintenance Tips

Most home appliances can last years and even decades with minimal to no repairs needed. While this may seem impossible, proper care and maintenance is all that some of these appliances need to last long. The microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner, and dishwasher can last years without breaking down. The first step to ensuring these appliances continue functioning optimally and adequately is having them serviced at least twice per year. Regular appliance service and maintenance can cut down repair costs and possible breakdowns by at least 60%.  Outlined below are a few ways and ideas on how to care for your home appliances for better performance and durability.

  1. Keep The Fridge’s Rubber Gaskets Clean

Refrigerators and freezers can run for years without needing repairs. Keeping the fridge in good condition by cleaning all parts, and especially the rubber gaskets can help improve its performance and ability to keep things fresh for much longer. One way to ensure its performance doesn’t decline is by ensuring the rubber gaskets are clean at all times. Food particles and other debris can pile up in between the gaskets, which may with time, prevent the doors from sealing tight. Taking some time to clean the gaskets (with vinegar, soap, and water), and keeping them dry can however ensure they remain in top condition for much longer.

  1. Clean Air Conditioner Filters

The air conditioner depends on its filters for optimal performance and improved indoor air quality. Most air conditioning units will start straining or malfunctioning if the air filters aren’t working efficiently, or are clogged. Taking some time to clean the filters (by vacuuming) can however help the conditioner run more efficiently.  It would also be advisable to ensure the outdoor units are clear of twigs and overgrowth for the best performance.

  1. Clean The Dishwasher

The dishwasher too needs to be cleaned to remove grime, grease and any dirt that accumulates over time. Taking time to remove any dirt can make it last a bit longer. Be sure to use vinegar while washing the dishwasher to kill any germs, as well as keep it smelling fresh. Make sure there aren’t any dishes in the dishwasher when cleaning it.

Sign up for annual servicing and repairs from a certified appliance service Charlotte North Carolina technician to ensure these appliances remain in tip-top condition to avoid breakdowns.

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